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Easter Eggs and Easter Weddings

I remember how during my childhood my grandmother and I were coloring eggs for Easter (Pascha in Latin and Greek). We didn’t have colorants, so we did it by boiling eggs alongside with the onion’s husk. Eggs were brown as a result (I never saw a real brown egg in Russia when I was a kid). As a child, I thought the act to be a magical rite, but I never asked why we do it this time of the year?

And indeed, why?

It is after all an old Christian tradition. The early Christians in Mesopotamia painted their eggs the color red to commemorate the crucifixion of Christ. There are many facts, stories and legends about how this tradition spread; but all Christian Churches formally acknowledged and connected it with the resurrection of Christ.

Today, the tradition of coloring chicken eggs is widely popular among the Orthodox Christians (in Russia, Ukraine, Poland and other Eastern European countries), while in Western Europe the most popular Easter egg is chocolate!

Around Easter Time we also see Easter bunnies. Along with the eggs, in western culture they represent fertility.

I first discovered chocolate eggs and bunnies when I came to France from Russia long time ago. I remember these pastry and candy shops filled with tempting Easter chocolates.

Years passed and now my kids color the Easter eggs with various paints, sparkles and stickers.

And this is a way to preserve the tradition for many generations!:)

If you and your guests are not particularly religious, a wedding during Easter weekend may be an appealing idea. Think about your bridesmaids wearing these beautiful pastel colors. And why not have a colorful wedding dress too?

Easter decorations could be a cute idea as well, and what a chance to keep the children busy with Easter-related activities!

Chocolate-themed desserts could receive a warm welcome from the guests and small chocolate eggs or jellybeans could replace traditional candy-coated almonds.

But wedding or not - let’s enjoy these colorful and tasty Easter treats!

Have a Happy Easter! Buona Pasqua! Joyeuses Pâques!

С праздником Пасхи!

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