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Ten Reasons to Select Italy as Your Destination Wedding Location.

We all know that the location is one of the most important components of a memorable, unique, and enjoyable wedding.

In recent years, destination weddings -- when a US-based couple ties the knot at a location different from their respective homes -- have become so popular, that they account for almost a quarter of the 2 million annually registered weddings. A similar trend is observed in the UK, Canada, and Australia.

While the most popular destinations include Hawaii, Mexico, and the Caribbean, Italy is the leading choice for those who want to celebrate in style, in Europe.

The number of weddings held in Italy for Americans, Canadians, UK citizens, and Australians, grows every year, and this is why:

1. Breathtaking Splendor. Italy is uniquely beautiful: it has an unparalleled mixture of the loveliness of nature, organically blended with the beauty of centuries-old culture and traditions. The result is an incredible backdrop for your wedding, be it a grand castle, a luxurious villa, a stately palazzo, or a charming farm.

2. Weather and Nature. The wedding season in all parts of the country is long, sunny, and abundantly lush. From early spring flowers to poppy-covered valleys; roses and vineyards to sunflowers and citruses; olives and cypresses to deep green meadows... Italy has it all.

3. Venue Choices. The venue inventory is limitless and can accommodate every style, reflect any personality, and allow for every budget, while making your wedding unique.

4. Photo Opportunities. The vistas are truly breathtaking, and extraordinary in their variety (I invite you to view my Pinterest board “Italia, bellissima!” for details Valleys, hills, mountains, lakes, forests, coastline, and of course, picturesque and magnificent cities, towns and villages... All inviting you to celebrate in a style that is reflective of you.

5. Food. Italian food is world-renown for its tastes, aromas, and textures, and for abbondanza -- its abundance! You can delight your guests with the freshest, most delectable food, in ways you probably never could in the US. And the same is true for the…

6. …Wine. Italian wines are celebrated around the globe. And, you would pay a fraction of the price you would pay for wine at home.

7. The Wedding Cake. Soon, I will write a whole blog about wedding cakes. But for now, I will just say that a traditional Italian wedding cake -- a giant round mille feuille of pastry, filled with delicious pastry cream and decorated with fresh berries, which the pastry chef assembles right before your eyes immediately before your celebration -- is out of this world!… Of course, for those who prefer traditional tiered cakes, the choices are endless, and gorgeous.

8. Those Most Dear to You. The very nature of a destination wedding, where the attendees are those who feel closest to the couple, and are able to make plans to travel for the occasion, ensures that you are surrounded by only the dearest family and friends. This type of wedding is more intimate, personalized, and smaller in scope, allowing you to enhance the experience of each of your treasured guests.

9. Extended Time with Loved Ones. At a destination wedding, you and your guests would probably spend two to four days together. There could be afternoon cocktails on the terrace, a rehearsal dinner, a farewell brunch, and many group activities such as tours, wine tastings, cooking classes, car racing, etc. It would allow you to create incredible memories of your celebration, to be cherished for a lifetime.

10. Honeymoon. Most couples choose to vacation in Italy after the wedding. The Amalfi Coast, or Venice, or Sicily, or Rome -- no need to take another long flight or adapt to a different time zone. Enjoy your precious time together as you take in the culture, shopping, sun, food, and wine, all while interacting with exceptionally hospitable and friendly people!

It’s time to plan your wedding!

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