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Wedding Bouquets

Flowers have been used by mankind since ancient times, and flower arrangements adorning spaces everywhere from private homes public places, date back to 2500 BC.

The tradition of a wedding bouquet is almost as old. However, brides in ancient times would hold herbs and garlic in their hands, rather than flowers. Garlic was to protect them from the evil spirits, while each herb -- such as sage, dill, or rosemary -- had a symbolic meaning and was believed to make the bride wise, loving toward her husband, honest, and fertile.

The symbolism of flowers is an ancient Asian and Middle East tradition, which was introduced to England in the 18th century. “The language of flowers” became increasingly popular, and soon almost every known flower was assigned a particular meaning. The rose became the ultimate choice for most wedding bouquets as the flower representing true love and commemorated as such in novels and poems. The symbolism of flowers spread around the continents, and the complex “flower language” became a topic of discussion in salons across Europe, North America, Australia, etc.

By the end of the 1700s, the flower bouquet had become a wedding staple in Western Europe, as did the tradition to toss it and bring good luck to the girl who caught it.

Wedding flowers continue to be all-time favorites at weddings across the globe. There are multiple types of wedding bouquets, ranging from the simple to the exceptionally elaborate, from the dainty to the oversized. Today’s global markets allow a bride to obtain her flowers from literally any corner of the world, and to not be bound by a particular geographical location or time of the year. From local and seasonal to rare and exotic, all types of flowers make their way into bridal bouquets, resulting in truly unique combinations of color, shape, type, and scent. Of course, the bouquets are also embellished with limitless choices of wrapping: lace, ribbons, burlap, tulle, pearls, etc. – the list is endless!

In order to create the right wedding bouquet for you, reflecting your taste and individuality, we recommend seeking the opinion of a professional florist. We have experience with a number of excellent, highly creative designers, and will be happy to refer you to the right vendor. Please also feel free to check our Bridal Bouquets board on Pinterest as it contains many practical details, tips, and examples of exceptional arrangements!

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