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10 Steps to Create a Glamorous Birthday Event for Someone who Hates Glamour

Let’s be honest: while you may secretly dream about wearing a gorgeous dress in an exquisite location with dancing and champagne galore for your husband’s milestone birthday, he may simply dream of a calm evening with close friends or a solitary sailing trip as a perfect way to mark the day.

It requires a lot of work, effort, and brainpower to outsmart him, get your way, and make him perfectly happy as a result.

Here we reveal a few secrets based on what we observed at a recent successful celebration.

  1. First, make him get used to the idea of having a party at all. Enlist the help of his close friends to whom he listens and appeal to his parents if he is a loving son, as it will certainly please them to join you for such a joyous occasion.

  2. Second, find a location, which is off the beaten path, never crowded but not too complicated to reach if you want to invite family and friends.

  1. Pay close attention to the guest list. It should consist solely of people he really cherishes and cares for. Let’s hope that at least some of the people from this list are dear to you as well.

  2. Organize an event that lasts longer than one day. A destination celebration is the best way to do it all: easily avoid an unnecessary crowd and unite those you love for a few days to relax and enjoy quality time together.

  1. Find a comfortable but relatively low-key place where you and your guests can stay for a few days. While many might stay at the same hotel or villa, think about a few options to accommodate different budgets and tastes and present it to your guests in advance. Some places may offer you group rates.

  2. Choose the venue for the Big Day. Try to find a hidden gem with a unique setting (i.e., somewhere close to nature), which will in itself add an element of glamour. Check the reviews and make sure the food there is good and that music is available.

  1. Arrange a few simple dinners to gather everyone before the main event. This can be catered for by a local company if the place you rent does not itself offer these services.

  2. Incorporate activities he would appreciate: biking, sailing, wine tasting. Make sure that at least some of the activities are appealing to your guests, including parents and children.

  1. Ask his closest friends, parents, and kids to prepare some speeches or slideshows to tell a story about him. It will add a lot to the party and will fill his heart with joy and gratitude to them and, most importantly, to you for taking the time to organize such a memorable celebration.

  1. Relax and enjoy!

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