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  • Amanda Mayer

An Amazing Stationery by Athena and Aphrodite

As I am a scientist by background, it is natural for me to be fond of anything science-related. I am always excited to see it interact with our daily lives, ranging from technological progress to the development of new drugs to the increased understanding of human nature. It is pleasantly gratifying to witness science impact somehow unexpected areas of life. Amanda Mayer's work was love at first sight for me: she designs beautiful and unique invitations, which reflect her love and affinity for science. This week it is my pleasure to have her as a guest writer and take over the blog from me. Keep reading for some interesting insights about stationery, inspired by science! I am happy to mention the promotional code PRIMA10, which entitles to 10% off $100 or more of Amanda’s wonderful invitations.


By Amanda:

I grew up surrounded by both science and art. My father, an M.I.T. graduate, was a systems and control engineer until he retired, and is now a working artist – painting large portraits. He always expressed a passion for both science and art and taught me to love both from an early age. Biology was my favorite - I graduated from M.I.T. with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Ph.D. in Genetic Toxicology. While research was exciting, it felt too lonely, so I took a turn into educational outreach, developing science curriculum for secondary schools and colleges. The development process included graphic design of educational materials, which I absolutely loved, as it blended science with art.

When I got engaged, I decided to design all my own paper goods, including my own wedding invitations. I was so inspired by the process, I wanted to continue designing invitations. In researching ideas for invitation sets, I kept gravitating towards scientific subjects and noticed a lack of scientific wedding invitations. Having experience blending graphic design and science, I had found my calling and have been happily designing scientific invitations ever since.

I called my company Athena and Aphrodite after the goddesses of knowledge and beauty. Some of my current designs feature Tesla patents, Lichtenberg figures, neurotransmitters, particle physics, digital data, chemical elements, horology, and zooplankton, and I have dozens of designs in progress based on astrogeology, spherical harmonics, sugar crystals, and many other subjects!

Please visit my website to view my work:

Or contact me at:

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