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The Knot Gala Highlights

What can I say? New York is New York, with all its excesses and brilliance. And this was very clearly reflected in the gorgeous Gala Party, which has been traditionally held in October by the online wedding portal The Knot at the New York Public Library.

By 7PM the library was transformed into a fairy-tale estate with castles, woodlands, and valleys in the style of Shakespeare's extravagant tale "A Midsummer Night’s Dream".

World-famous decorators and designers imagined, invented and, for an incredibly short time, created a magical world of exceptional beauty with fabulous trees and creatures, live music, a DJ, and endless displays of exotic food and drinks.

Passers-by looked with interest at the dressed-to-impress, colorful, chatting crowd of happy guests who gathered in front of the entrance. The crowd was impressive: more than 1000 people!

Despite this, the security team and the hosts worked very efficiently, and everyone entered surprisingly quickly.

Even outside there was something to look at: exotic elves and girls with huge flowering heads greeted the guests on the library stairs.

I immediately realized that I was much more fortunate than Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City: I enjoyed the great library without any nerves or stresses. Or, more precisely, I entered a fairy land of elves and other magical creatures.

It was equally interesting to observe the guests, and I managed to introduce myself and talk to a few of them. They were mostly New Yorkers working in the field of wedding celebrations and festive events: designers, florists, restaurateurs, musicians, lighters, photographers/videographers and, of course, wedding planners.

The people were cheerful, smiley, and noisy.

I enjoyed the excellent photo booths, fun DJ, and wonderful jazz music. The décor made a powerful impression on me: the magic forest was made of thousands of suspended flowers and branches, through which huge butterflies fluttered. Periodically, at different ends of this forest, deer appeared (a dancer on stilts), as well as elves and white peacocks, followed by ballerinas in LED-glowing outfits. Since the Gala was hosted by The knot, beautiful long-legged models in wedding dresses wandered around the space.

It was impossible not to dance to the great music selection made by the DJ with the partying crowd. It was very forward-thinking of the organizers to distribute free flats, as they were a savior after hours of dancing!

Discrete waiters carried champagne and other drinks around, as well as all kinds of hot and cold hors d’oeuvres. A lot of interesting and tasty food was exhibited on the displays. Champagne was free-flowing and all put together indeed created a magical feeling of immersion in a fairy tale.

The evening was surprisingly warm, creating even more of a sensation of summer, and the almost-full Harvest moon seen outside drove home the party logo: "Meeting under the Moon".

As a wedding planner I was of course interested to learn about how everything was organized. I genuinely appreciate and respect professionals in any field. Here, in addition to the participation of professionals of the highest skills, I was impressed with the coordination of the thirty (!) vendors that efficiently, exquisitely, attractively, lusciously and tastefully utilized the entire library space. Many thanks to the organizers for this fabulous Gala evening!

And special thanks to Natasha from the E & N Hair Salon, who quickly and beautifully did my hair so I could effortlessly blend with the happy crowd!


Planning and Design: Emily Clarke Events

Venue: The New York Public Library

Stationery: CECI New York

Calligraphy: Calligraphy by Mary Ellen

Catering: Marcia Selden Catering

Catering Rentals: Smith Party Rentals

Rosé: Promise Wine

Spirits / Champagne: Pernod Ricard USA

Entertainment: Jordan Kahn Music Company

Entertainment: Scarlett Entertainment; Shien Artists

Event Photographer: Hechler Photographers

Portrait Photographer: Banga Studios

Lighting: Levy NYC

DJ, Lighting & Projection Design: DJ Jacob Co

Videography: Cloudless

Flowers: L'Atelier Rouge

Furniture / Rentals: High Style Rentals

Decor / Production: Design House Décor

Linens: Nuage Designs

Photo Booth: Studio Z Photo Booths

Drape: Swag Décor

Production: HiTech

Sign Printing: Bombshell Graphics

Snapchat Filter: Méldeen

Acrylic Signs: Dogwood Blossom Stationery

Hair and Makeup: Beautini, LeJeune Artistry, MG Hair & Makeup

Dresses: Rent the Runway

Shoes: Rescue Flats

Security: GSS Security

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