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Great Teamwork creates wonders for Weddings and Celebrations!

As I wrote about in my previous blog, the life of a young couple preparing for a wedding is greatly facilitated by a wedding planner joining their team.

And for the planner, in turn, it is a blessing to be assisted by a professional team of experts who know and love their job and understand that well-coordinated efforts lead to a successful event.

The planner’s task is to gather such a team for the wedding, taking into account the wishes, tastes, and budget of the couple, and to ensure that everyone works well together.

A way to see how everyone can work together is to organize a styled wedding photo session. On one hand, it allows each participant to demonstrate his or her skills, and on the other hand, it allows the team to work together.

Recently we arranged such an event, which we very much enjoyed, and we hope that you will be able to evaluate the results.

In my role of the Wedding Planner, I booked the time with a beautiful venue, The Dane Estate at Chestnut Hill, and assembled a team of the following participants:

1. Photographer

2. Florist-decorator

3. Lighting Specialist

4. Musicians

5. Stationery

6. Wedding cake bakery

7. Stylist / makeup artist

And, of course, the bride and groom! Who are actually recently newlyweds☺

With the photographer Igor Tuzman we carefully studied the place to decide where to take photos.

With the florist Marina from Florissima we also visited the venue to create a theme for the decor and the color scheme. We created a special Pinterest Board and put our ideas in there, then found the necessary decorative elements, and decided on the color. After that, everything had to be supplied and assessed to understand how it actually went together, so we met another time to see the progress.

In parallel, I described our vision to the confectioners and the stationery boutique. Spun Gold Creations made a menu and invitations for us. Montilio's, the legendary bakery, which became famous for making the wedding cake for John and Jacqueline Kennedy, made for us two cakes!

To create the right atmosphere I also invited a wonderful duet, Muza Duo, who played lovely music.

Proper lighting is also an extremely important element of any event. Joey from Retonica not only helped to add light, but also turned it into a warm and romantic one, which was required for our session.

The talented stylist Vera Gordias turned our beautiful model into an exquisite bride. I was very pleased with how actively everyone participated and contributed even more than initially planned, and how well we worked together.

To top it off, we managed to get a gorgeous Tesla Model X, which added a chic and modern vibe to the shoot.

Igor took excellent photos, I made some video recordings, and you can see the results here:

Once again, many thanks to all the participants.

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