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A Recipe for a Successful Wedding Planning

Before becoming a Wedding and Event Planner, I was a project manager in a technical innovation company and managed many complex international projects.

Despite many obvious differences, these activities have many things in common with the same ultimate goal: make your clients happy.

What are the major elements needed to deliver successful results for a wedding?

  1. The budget. We should never underestimate the importance of a budget. According to the 2017 Wedding Wire report, more than 70 % of couples spend over their initial budget, and on average a wedding costs 40% more than initially planned.

  2. The planning and creation of a checklist. This may surprise you, but a comprehensive wedding checklist has 250-300 items on average. In order to handle it successfully, one needs to prioritize and understand the main action items and milestones leading to the final deadline, i.e. the Wedding day.

  3. Assemble a talented team of professionals who will stick by your side to help you sharpen and realize your vision and get the most for your money.

In my wedding planner role, I help couples with all these major points (and many others). Understanding the budget with its main components and funds allocation - and sticking to it - is important, and a professional help may save you money big time.

A comprehensive checklist, careful stage planning, and completing different tasks will help a couple to stay on track. It will allow them to continue their normal life during planning time, which currently takes 16 months on average. Obviously, no one wants to constantly worry about the planning process and want to enjoy the lives outside of that!

And last but not least, it is imperative to have a team that brings your vision to life and helps you have a wonderful, beautiful, and meaningful wedding. I can’t stress the importance of this!

I consider myself lucky as I am surrounded by great professionals in my industry. They are bright, talented, and passionate about their work – and at the same time, they are reliable and responsible people, willing to help and cheer you up.

Together we recently created a beautiful vision of a winter wedding, and I am happy to share the result with you!

Venue: Pierce House, Lincoln, MA

Floral Décor: Florissima

Wedding dress: BHLDN

Hair Styling: Maricruz Hairstyles

Make-up: Glow with Amy

Glow with Amy

Wedding cake: Cassis Bakery

Wedding Favors: Boston Wedding Favors

Ceremony and Reception Music: Lizary Rodriguez

Stationery: Ceci New York

Cake Pops: Boston Art Cakes

Jewelry: Alex & Co

Alex & Co

Lighting: Retonica

Photography: Alex Gordias

Cinematography: I Do Cinematography

As a delicious treat, some of “behind-the-scenes” shot video:

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