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All You Need is Love! ...and Some Planning:)

I can’t disagree that a beautiful place, delicious food, stunning flowers & design, great music, and good planning (no one knows this better than me!) are all important ingredients of a successful wedding recipe.

But a wedding can’t be successful if the atmosphere isn’t filled with the couple's love, their smiles, that specific look they give each other, and their desire to be near each other. The inner light which emanates from a couple in these moments warms and fills all around them with joy, no matter where the wedding might be taking place: a palace or a farm, a hotel ballroom, or a tent.

As a child, I loved an English fairy tale called "Cap-o'-Rushes". It tells the story of a king who has three daughters. One day he asks them how much they love him. The eldest says: “more than anything!”, the middle one says: “more than life!”. And the youngest one says: “I love you like meat loves salt.” Hearing his third daughter’s answer, the king becomes angry! This comparison seems so inappropriate to him that he throws the princess out of his palace.

The princess becomes a cook in the neighboring kingdom. The local prince is very fond of her culinary creations and entrusts her to prepare a feast for a visiting king. No one knows is a princess, as she hides her face under a hat made of rush.

The cook-princess makes a delicious dinner. But she leaves one ingredient out of the main course: the meat roast is prepared without salt.

When the main dish is served, the guests at the table comment on the tastelessness, the prince is angry and orders Cap-o'-Rushes to come from the kitchen. At this moment the visiting king suddenly begins to cry.

He explains that only now does he finally understand how much his expelled daughter loved him. What can he do? How can he find her?

In the end, as you might have guessed, the king finds his lost daughter, the prince falls in love with her, and they get married.

Love – like salt in this tale - is the most important ingredient in a successful wedding recipe. And I couldn’t be happier that my couples have feelings so strong that it creates a wonderfully happy atmosphere for all those celebrating with them and gives everyone feelings of happiness.

And even when the evening ends, this happy feeling continues to live on in every guest, causing them to smile, warming the soul.

As an illustration, I want to share several photos of one such wonderful couple - Harlan and Mike. They were married in August in the coastal town of Cohasset. On the day of their wedding, it began to rain. But this rain only emphasized how the faces of the newlyweds shined and how much all the guests felt this.

And I caught myself on the fact that my smile couldn’t leave my face. And I thought that I really love my profession!

Venue: The Red Lion Inn, Cohasset, MA

Bridal Styling and Makeup: Vera Gordias

Hair and Makeup: BelBella

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