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10 Things to Do in Paris, the City of Love and Light

Since my student years in Paris, when I fell in love with this magnificent city, I consider it to be the ultimate trendsetter and love coming back regularly for inspiration.

One day on its streets – and I know what fashion is in this season!

Despite the obvious abundance of clothes and styles in the US, every time I wear a piece I bought in Paris, I know I will be asked by some trendy stranger somewhere in Boston: where did you find this pair of shoes (or sweater or dress)?

In addition, I love, love, love the local food: cheese, pastries, and how appetizing and enticing it all looks. I can’t resist taking photos of what I eat at the local restaurants – from simple ones to elegant and sophisticated.

Observing wedding dress displays is another fun part of my walking around this city.

No surprises here: various romantic spots across the city attract couples in love. Hundreds of thousands of couples visit Paris every year - what an incredible number!

While there are no exact statistics on how many marriage proposals are made in Paris, one could easily guess that Paris is the #1 city to get engaged.

Local photographers tirelessly wake up early every morning, rain or shine, heat or cold, and meet their couples at sunrise by the Eiffel Tour for an engagement photo session.

This time I came with my youngest daughter, Katrine, a big help, and an aspiring model. We teamed up with the talented Lucia Neri, a Paris-based engagement photographer. Lucia took a series of photographs, picturing Katrine in several Parisian signature spots. During this highly inspirational shoot, we practiced our French, enjoyed fresh cappuccino with croissants in a local cafe, saw a family of swans, and endured a long walk along the Seine.

In order to make most of Your Paris trip, follow these simple steps:

1. Create an itinerary that corresponds to your interests ahead of time.

2. Enjoy walking around – the streets in Paris are full of life. The city’s grandeur and fashion trends are better consumed at walking speed when you can stop for a while to look at a store window – or even venture inside and use a few French words to start a conversation:)

3. Slow down. Paris is way too big to see it all in a limited time. Don’t rush: select a few things, which are a must, and then enjoy taking pauses for a cup of espresso, a hot crepe, or a famous Bertillon ice cream.

4. Visit a couple of Paris’s famous museums. Book your tickets in advance to avoid long lines. Still afraid of crazy crowds in Louvre? Opt for some smaller charming museums, such as Marmottan, the treasure trove for impressionism lovers.

5. Enjoy the famous Paris’ “revues”, such as Lido de Paris on Champs-Élysées. We booked tickets for a new Moulin Rouge Production, “La Féérie” – and liked it!

6. Uber is popular in Paris, don’t forget to install the app!

7. A good overview of the local restaurants is available on the French booking site, La Fourchette. It is a handy way to book a few popular spots and enjoy local food.

8. Watch your valuables and always keep a copy of your documents at your hotel/Airbnb. Like every big city, Paris has many pickpockets.

9. Take a river tour on a Bateau Mouche to enjoy the view from the water and get a leisurely break.

10. Look at Eiffel Tour by night: it’s spectacular!

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