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Why do You Need a Wedding Planner?

Why indeed?

Many of us know how to mow the grass, clean the house, and look for homes for sale on the Internet. Nevertheless, in most cases, we tend to seek professional help even for these things.

A good, intelligent, experienced real estate broker will save us time and money by understanding what we need and how to find it quickly. He/she will tell about the pros and cons of a particular house, explain what one will have to face on purchasing it, etc.

An event planner provides similar help with weddings and other celebrations that have complex logistics (anniversaries, bar/bat mitzvahs, etc.).

Joy erupts when a couple decides to tie the knot and have a wedding. A convenient date is chosen.

But what is next?

Obviously, they need to look for a venue. However, it might turn out that what is found on the Internet (searching already tends to take up a lot of time) has already been booked for a whole year in advance. Or that, in reality, the venue doesn’t look like it was on the pictures, but you discover this after you drove 2 hours to see it - and the day off is wasted. And so on.

A good, intelligent, and experienced wedding planner will tell you about it right away and offer options that you did not think of or know about. The planner will also help with all the other necessary elements of the wedding.

Time savings can be significant. The reduction in stress simply does not lend itself to monetary expression. But a professional can also help you to save money: by suggesting alternative solutions, by helping to understand the budget, by knowing what to prioritize, etc.

We all earn money, and the wedding planner is no exception, but if the work one does is a calling - everyone wins. You just need to understand that his/her main goal is not to rip off the client, but to arrange a wonderful, bright, memorable celebration that will evoke warm memories and a smile for the rest of your life.

A wedding planner, in addition to helping with organization and planning, is also a therapist, to a certain extent. As you approach the wedding date, emotions increase. Not only for the couple, but also for parents, and sometimes for friends. Different parties participate in the wedding financially and want to have their say in decision-making. Things that one never thought about before (the font used for the invitations, the form of the wedding bouquet, the seating of the guests, the choice of the menu, etc.) are suddenly causing you sleepless nights. Thoughts that something will go wrong cannot escape your head. This list has no end. All this is understandable because, for most of us, a wedding happens once in our lives and we simply have no experience.

A wedding planner has this experience and can effectively reduce or simply relieve stress and offer solutions to break up any issues or conflicts. Sometimes just lending an ear to the bride is enough to make her calm down. But the bride is too shy or embarrassed to bother her friends with “nonsense”. Talking with her mother can sometimes only increase discomfort, even if she adores her. A wedding planner takes on this role and, being a neutral party, often proves to be very effective. Such assistance is most frequently needed for brides, who need to be sure that everything is going according to the plan and that the result is perfect. Any little thing that might violate this ideal picture in her head can be a cause of much stress.

And we haven’t even started to talk about the very day of the wedding, where the presence of a wedding planner is extremely important, primarily to relieve the couple’s stress and give them the possibility to focus on the essence of this magical day!

Assistance in the organization and planning of the wedding, as well as on the “Day Of” until its very end (collecting gifts, distributing balances and tips to the vendors, etc.) is the help that will allow the newlyweds to get the most out of the spent effort and money in a festive, joyful and stress-free atmosphere.

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