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Wedding Anniversary with Italian Flair

Silver and Gold wedding anniversaries are often a big deal. But what if you are two years short of your 25-years-together union, and still want to celebrate this happy occasion?

We decided to have a fun Sunday brunch, right on our deck, to enjoy warm summer weather on the day of our 23rd anniversary.

Being in love with each other, but also with Italy, and wishing to convey the feeling of love and freshness, we bought plenty of limes and lemons and made tons of fresh lemonade. Being an avid gardener, I decided to use my garden and my terrace pots as our backdrop and added to it wicker baskets full of citruses.

The night before, my husband flew home from his business trip, I was busy coordinating a wedding, and was tired after a long day. To improve moods and feel relaxed, we've made plenty of Aperol Spritz for us and our guests to enjoy.

White wine and Champagne were ready for our guests as well, as it was a hot day. And we obviously started with a Champagne toast!

We had plenty of simple fresh food, which I either cooked in the morning or purchased: bagels and soufflés were preordered at Panera; pancakes, tomato tarts, and meatballs were freshly made by me from scratch; smoked salmon, assorted cream cheeses, fresh berries, and watermelon were picked the same morning at Wegmans. For dessert, I also offered Italian limoncello confetti from the Amalfi coast and an amazing artisanal gelato made by the local ice cream maker, Ice Haus Inc. I ended up selecting 6 flavors as it was too difficult to make a choice!

Our “Arlequin”, the ceramic sculpture we brought from Sorrento, was a part of the improvised photo booth.

Our family and friends all enjoyed spending a few hours outside chatting, eating, taking pictures and sharing a good laugh.

It was a fun and relaxing day, in the middle of a crazy-busy working schedule, which we badly needed. A drop of “dolce far niente” to feel good and serene.

With our kids

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