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Fall Weddings in New England and Italy

I love fall weddings!

Obviously, I am not alone: according to statistics provided by WeddingWire and The Knot, fall is by far the most popular wedding season for US couples, with October the most popular month, closely followed by September. It is the same for both local and destination weddings.

Why Fall is so popular?

There are a few considerations:

1. Temperatures.

While people enjoy the summer months, it is easy to grow tired of the heat. It is appealing that in autumn you and your guests can enjoy a cooler temperature. The air is crisp and clear, and outside ceremonies are popular.

2. Colors.

Fall is a color feast: towards the end of September, leaf colors begin to change, and who can resist having stunning foliage as a backdrop? Picturesque fruits and veggies are in abundance and can be used to create a vibrant display. In New England, we have many types of apples, pumpkins, tomatoes, pears, and peaches. An eye feast! In Italy, fall is the season of the grape harvest and of olive oil making. My couples often opt for a wine tasting activity, which includes a tour of vineyards overlooking the scenic Tuscan hills.

3. Food.

I am a foodie, as are many of my couples. Fall menus are particularly appealing with all the fresh ingredients being harvested. Apple cider? Pumpkin soup? Local oysters? New England is famous for that. Aromatic Muscat grapes and yummy figs? Fresh fettuccine pasta with porcini mushrooms? Let’s go to Italy and include these in your wedding menu!

Choices are abundant, appealing, and mouthwatering.

4. Wedding palette.

Fall usually brings a change in the color scheme. Couples favor burgundy, shades of red, orange, copper and gold, and deep blue colors popular for men’s attire. But even whites and off-whites colors look great when surrounded by the natural colorful autumn accents as a backdrop.

5. Venue rental cost.

Not always true, but quite often you might be able to negotiate a better price for venue rental in late October/early November.

6. Travel logistics.

As there are no major family holidays in September-October, your guests have more flexibility with dates, which is especially important for a destination wedding.

7. Personal preferences.

Maybe you fell in love or got engaged in the fall and getting married during the same season seems symbolic. Or you simply always loved fall and dreamt about having a wedding in October.

Let’s discuss the options and create a unique, joyful, and spectacular celebration!

Photography credits:

Floral designers:

Florissima by Marina Kole


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