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Boston Museum of Science - a Romantic Wedding Spot

What comes to mind when you hear the words “wedding venue”?

A hotel ballroom, perhaps? Or a fancy restaurant? Maybe a rooftop patio?

Now...what about... science museum!

Undoubtedly, your mind fills with images of dinosaurs, volcanos, electricity experiments, and maybe even a huge Tyrannosaurus Rex?

Indeed, a ‘science museum’ appears an unorthodox choice of wedding venue. But here in Boston, our Museum of Science (MoS) has so much more to offer than the classic, intellectually stimulating fun and games. Not only does the MoS provide plenty of space inside for guests to wander through vibrant galleries, state-of-the-art exhibitions, and vast installations, but the MoS also boasts a stunning outdoor pavilion with sweeping views of the Charles River!

Since opening its doors in 1830, The Museum of Science has been a renowned source of pride in Boston--a much loved, exciting space with a deep dedication to education, community engagement, and fostering curious minds. Millions of visitors, local, out-of-state, and even international, spend hours making memories together in this wonderful institution.

Indeed, the Boston Museum of Science would be a fantastic place to celebrate any and all joyful milestones.

Let me give you a better idea here, with a few pictures, details, and preliminary ideas.

A research scientist by profession, when I arrived in the United States as a postdoctoral fellow, one of the first things I did was visit the Museum of Science in Boston – and I fell in love!

Fast-forwarding through many, many years of family membership and endless visits – and here I am today, as a wedding planner who loves to bring my couples here and show them the wonder, whimsy, and beauty of the MoS.

I bring my couples here because it is a special venue, and not many people think to explore it as an option. Couples who select this space have the opportunity to really get creative with the outdoor spaces and craft a truly unique celebration with their planner, vendors, and wonderful MoS staff coordinators.

There are a few reasons why the Museum of Science is one of my favorite wedding spots in Boston. My couples and I often discuss these specifics, which truly make the MoS stand apart:

1. Originality. Over the last few years, millennials have grown tired of ballrooms and banquet facilities - and now want to offer something less basic to their guests. While barns, farms, estates, and botanical gardens are in high demand in the Greater Boston area, our city has some exciting options to offer as well. Boston’s museums, libraries, and even certain garages have become popular wedding locations among modern couples, and the Museum of Science has quickly risen to the top of the list of demand!

Photo credit: Museum of Science, Boston

2. City Vibe: Centrally located between Boston and Cambridge, the MoS offers a variety of excellent options for city lovers, from dining to parks and more. Out-of-state guests can visit museums for free or explore the city on the famous Boston Duck Tours.

Nothing beats staying in the city center!

3. Romantic settings. Yes, this is true: the Washburn pavilion – the MOS' outside wedding area- is utterly romantic. Just think about being surrounded by the waters of Charles river with its sails, small boats, and trees-covered embankments. The sunset is beautiful. When the night falls, a myriad of lights is coming from both sides of the river from Cambridge and Boston.

4. Great Food. Events at the MoS are catered by Wolfgang Puck. Their food is innovative, delicious, beautifully presented, and professionally served. Wolfgang Puck offers an impressive variety of seasonal and ethnic food options.

Photo credits: Wolfgang Puck Catering

For weddings requiring kosher food, Catering by Andrew is the exclusive caterer, providing top-quality kosher reception fare.

5. Make it Your Own! The Washburn pavilion and accompanying tent installation can be easily transformed to accommodate your ceremony and reception's unique layout. From classic to modern, from opulent to minimalist, and anything else you may desire- the design opportunities at the MoS are endless!

6. Convenience. The museum is centrally located, which is convenient for couples, their guests, and all of the vendors. There are various nearby hotels where out-of-state guests can stay, while the locals can drive and park for free in the museum's large parking lot. For those who would prefer not to drive, Uber and Lyft are always available!

7. The Heart of Boston. Boston is world-famous for its countless scientific innovations and attracts scientific talent from across the globe. Many of my couples are graduates of Boston and Cambridge's famous universities. They either grew up here or came to study and stayed, making Massachusetts a home state. Having a wedding at a place representing the best of the world's science gives their celebration an additional meaning and dimension.

Fun fact: While still in high school, two of my couples went on their first dates to the Museum of Science!

If you are planning your wedding in Boston, don't hesitate to visit this remarkable venue!

Photography credits (if not otherwise indicated): Alex Gordias Photography


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