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Celebrate Your Love Story with Wedition! Interview with Liz Gatherer

Please introduce yourself to our readers

Hello and congratulations on your upcoming wedding! My name is Liz, founder of multi-award-winning Wedition - helping you to get the most out of your wedding by celebrating your love story with your guests within your own personalised wedding magazine, styled to your colour scheme and wedding theme. We work with couples from all over the world.

I live in the UK with my husband and a small flock of backyard hens. I love to run and bake in my spare time, using the eggs lovingly laid by my hens!

How did you get the idea of Wedition?

I often get asked on how I came up with the idea of Wedition, as with many of the best ideas, it was something we felt we needed for our wedding day but a product like it didn’t yet exist. Before that lightbulb moment came though, you need to know four things:

1. We LOVED our wedding venue, a castle in Surrey with an incredible story. Queen Victoria came to tea one day unannounced and there are many secret nooks and crannies, each with their own fascinating tale. We wanted our guests to connect with our wedding venue in the same way that we had, we wanted to find a way for our family and friends to really remember our venue, not just as a beautiful castle, but as a fascinating place that they could fall in love with like we had.

2. The details we planned into our day were unreal! There were just so many, teeny tiny details that we had thought about. The eggs used to bake our wedding cake were laid by our own hens. The four colours of our scheme each had their own special story. The bridesmaids carried lanterns because we got married in “The Lantern Hall”. There was one very special flower which could only be found in my bridal bouquet, there was a reason for that. The dance we finished the night on was the one my parents remember from their courting days. And the list goes on. Wouldn’t it be a shame for our guests to not know any of these details?

3. We were worried about printed stationery not being appreciated. The order of the day, the order of service, the menu.... all these things would be designed and printed for us, to then get left behind on seats and tables.

4. We were stumped on what to give out as favours. So many weddings we had been to, the favours of sugared almonds and miniature whisky bottles had been left behind at the end of the evening.

Then the light bulb moment came! Combine the history of our venue, the wedding day details, the printed stationery all in to one beautiful keepsake wedding magazine that could be given out on the day of our wedding as a favour. It could feature the who’s who of the wedding party, include thank you messages to people who had helped us plan the day and have our honeymoon itinerary inside. And so, Wedition was born.

Which weddings will benefit the most from this personalized magazine?

We find here at Wedition that there are four types of wedding that benefit most from being a Wedition wedding:

Destination weddings

Wedition as part of the welcome pack.

Couples who are having a destination wedding or weekend wedding love to include Wedition as part of the welcome pack. An incredible way to share their love story but also a must-have companion to the whole weekend. When Wedition is used in this way, our couples will choose to include a day-by-day guide as to what is happening when. Taxi phone numbers, addresses and top tips can all be included. Perhaps the ceremony is outside in a meadow, therefore flat shoes are recommended. Maybe there is a cash-only bar. Our couples like to include a guide to the local area with recommendations on what to do during downtime.

Couples with an authentic story to tell

Wedition as an on the day favour.

All our couples are unique. Every wedding is unique. But our couples do have one thing in common. Their authentic love story. Their story of how they came to meet, how they came to be together, and all the ups and downs that have brought them here to this day is incredible. They are passionate about their love story and their family and friends want to delight in it. Our couples have often put a huge amount of thought into their day and they want to share this with their family and friends.

Couples with cultural elements as part of their day

Cross culture, destination and interfaith weddings are likely to have a variety of guests with different backgrounds in attendance on the day. If our couples have incorporated religious elements and traditional practices into their day, there is a chance that some of the wedding guests may not understand what is happening. Wedition is a fantastic way to explain to your guests all of these elements so that no one needs to feel left out of the celebrations through lack of understanding. We can print in any language and any text.

Couples who need to find a way to include everyone they love into their day.

Wedition is a wonderfully inclusive way to share with everyone whether they can attend your day or not. From mailing a copy to the relative who cannot make your wedding day due to being too frail to travel to including an “In Memory Of” page to remember lost loved ones. Some of our couples choose to include photographs and an interview with their beloved pet who is usually best left safely at home on the day of the wedding.

What are the most popular topics?

The options of what you can have in your Wedition are endless, here are some of the most popular:

Meet the wedding party - is certainly an incredible way for your guests to get to know whos who and what the connection is to each person.

In memory of - a beautiful way to remember a lost loved one.

It’s all in the details - a guide to all the intricacies you have spent so long planning into your day.

The proposal - we love learning the special story for each one of our couples.... and we love to write about it too! It is popular for our couples to include the story of how they met along with their proposal.

Honeymoon information - particularly great for when your guests have contributed to this as a wedding gift.

Wedding stationery - the menu and order of the day are very popular choices.

Please describe how you work with your clients. When couples first enquire with Wedition, I encourage them to set up a short video call with me. This way I can show them previous copies of Wedition and answer any questions they might have. When our couples choose to go ahead and book, they will secure their Wedition package with a small deposit and we will set up another longer video call, they will tell me their story and wedding plans to date.

This is such an enjoyable part of our journey together. I am a new person, someone who has not heard your story before, and I can’t wait to hear all about it! The funny times, the sad times, all those incredible moments that have lead you to be this incredible team today. Over the next few months, you will enjoy picking out your favourite photographs and email them over to me. Your Wedition package includes your own team of graphic designers, creative writers and print house, headed by myself. You will receive hard copy proofs in the mail so you will be able to see how your Wedition is progressing. Your final package will arrive in a beautiful keepsake box around 2 weeks ahead of your wedding day. Time and time again, our couples tell us that Wedition is the most enjoyable part of the wedding planning.

What original ideas do your couples include in their magazines?

I have had one couple ask me to create a wedding crossword for them, another asked for a colouring in page. We love to include fun elements such as Instagram I spy, wedding word search, Mr and Mrs style quiz and wedding speech bingo. We’ve included a comic strip style proposal story and a dedicated thank you page to the couple’s parents alongside photos from their wedding day.

Find out more about your own personalised wedding magazine

Email Liz on if you have any questions or would like to find out how Wedition can be an incredible addition to your day. Wedition couples are based all over the world and say that “other than the getting married part - Wedition was the best part of our day!”. Wedition is an incredible ice breaker to have at your wedding, as not everyone knows who’s who and it is a way for your guests to remember and talk about your day in the months and years that follow.

Photos courtesy of Wedition


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