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Cost of a Wedding in Italy

A destination wedding in Italy may seem like an extravagant and costly affair.

But once you learn about wedding costs in Boston, New York, or London, you'll realize that a wedding in Italy is an appealing option. And not only because it is unique and incredibly beautiful. But because it may cost you less.

Let's take a closer look at the main cost components of a wedding in Italy.

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1. The number of guests.

As everywhere, the more people attend your wedding, the more you pay. However, while local US weddings usually account for 120-180 guests, destination weddings tend to be smaller, generally within the range of 70-100 guests. It makes them more manageable and brings the cost down.

2. The region in Italy.

As everywhere, there are more and less expensive areas for destination weddings in Italy. The Amalfi Coast, Lake Como, Rome, and Venice are among the more pricey areas. Some fantastic venues in Tuscany or Umbria, as examples, will cost less but still be enchanting and beautiful.

3. The venue and reception.

As a rule of thumb, the cost of the venue rental and reception amounts to 45-50% of your total wedding spend. Understanding these prices will help to estimate the budget. The venue rental ranges from €5K to €10K on average. The reception dinner cost depends on the region. It can go from €100 to €400 per head depending on the region in Italy, the catering company, the menu options, and the willingness to splurge on food and drinks to create a unique food experience.

4. Florals and Lighting.

A beautiful wedding may require as little as €3K-€4K for florals, and €2K-€3K for the lighting if the wedding takes place outside (a preferred option in Italy). Most of my couples spend €5K-€7K on florals and €3K-€6K on illumination. There is obviously no limit, and it all depends on the budget, priorities, and vendors.

5. Music and Entertainment.

Again, one couple can use a DJ and pre-recorded music for the ceremony fitting into a €1.5K budget. At the same time, others might prefer live music for the ceremony & cocktail hour and a band for the dancing. Prices range widely and require rigorous research to find the best combination of quality/price.

My work with couples usually starts from learning about their vision, their priorities, and their budget. It allows me to see if there is a disconnect between what couples want and what they can afford within a given budget. Most of my couples spend between €55K & €100K on their destination wedding in Italy. The final numbers largely depend on these three factors: the number of guests, the region, and the venue/reception cost.

In my role as a wedding planner, I help my couples to get the most value for their money.

Depending on their priorities and tastes, we fine-tune their vision, and I then recommend vendors, who can help us make this vision a reality.

Any wedding would benefit from florals and lighting, good music, and a ceremony without a hitch. The food and wine in Italy are excellent, and I am happy to guide my couples with all the options available. Italy’s beauty is beyond words and contributes a great deal to any wedding. Flowering gardens, olive trees, and vineyard-covered hills, incredible picturesque lakes/seaside, lemons, and roses create a natural backdrop. Sculptures and fountains, villas, and castles will assure that you can offer a unique and memorable experience to your guests.

The possibility to spend 3-4 days together will create an opportunity to share activities, to bond, to get to know all the guests and to develop collective, happy, long-lasting memories. What an excellent foundation for your family's treasured collection of happy moments!

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