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Filming the Dolce Vita: Videography by Waterfall Visuals

Wedding videography is one of the most essential wedding services, as it allows for capturing precious moments ‘live’. Having a stunning, professional wedding movie gives you the chance to relive your beautiful memories and keep them forever.

My husband and I rewatch our wedding film roughly every five years, together with our kids who love to watch our ceremony, dances, and even the toasts! Seeing our loved ones celebrating with us brings us back in time. It’s a wonderful mixture of laughter and nostalgia.

Today, I interviewed my friends, a talented pair of videographers based in Tuscany, Italy, whose fantastic work has brought many couples joy.

Please introduce yourselves!

We are Federico and Manuel, long time friends and now business partners. Federico is Fiorentino and Manuel is from Pistoia; our business was born from our passions for nature and photography. For the past seven years, we have filmed destination weddings in Italy and all over the world.

We'd love to hear more about your business, Waterfall Visuals.

Over the years, Waterfall Visuals has grown and now there is a team of people working exclusively on this project. If events require larger teams, we always have trusted collaborators to call in! Each event is unique and necessitates a different combination of professionals, so we are always able to adapt.

Who came up with the company name? Does it have any special significance?

We started filming sporting events and making documentaries which were almost always associated with water-related activities, such as jet skiing and surfing. It was important for us to keep ‘water’ as an integral element of our name. Then, when we eventually moved into the wedding sector, we decided not to change the name which had brought us such good luck.

You now specialize in weddings. How did you end up here?

We started as documentary filmmakers and began working on weddings by chance. Our first wedding video was of a large Jewish wedding of about 180 guests at Villa Gamberaia. Filming weddings is professionally stimulating because you have the chance to capture an unrepeatable event, one composed of many different parts in which you have to constantly strive to preserve the beauty and true expression of each moment.

Do you have a preferred filming style?

Our preferred filming style is difficult to define. I would say that our goal is to make a timeless movie that is not influenced by the fashions of the moment so that it will always be current, fresh, and pleasant. The couple is the focus, and everything that revolves around them; every video we make is unique. We do not distort events- instead, we capture them as authentically as possible, making sure we never miss a magical moment.

Some couples are only interested in photography services at their wedding. Why do you believe a wedding video is important?

We believe that the video format offers many things that photography cannot; first of all the moment captured is not ‘frozen’ but is developed, allowing the viewer to take in much more. A video is as close to an authentic account as one can get; it allows you to savor the moments and keep them forever. Also, the movement of the images is extremely engaging. It is also beneficial to have the sounds and music playing in the background preserved forever! All of these factors immediately bring the mind back to that special day, creating and bolstering memories through movement, voices, and, why not, noises.

What is most important to you when working with a client?

Getting to know the couple is key- ensuring that we are in tune with the couples we work with and that we do everything to keep them at ease throughout the process. Our ultimate goal is to bring their vision to life. In order to make every couple's dream come true, we are always open to requests and new ideas!

You are located in Tuscany. Are your services available in other regions?

Absolutely, the world is a wonderful place and we are more than happy to explore it. Just last season, we were filming weddings in New York and Miami. We love to travel and see new places not only because we enjoy adventures, but also for professional growth. If you continue to meet talented vendors all over the world, you’ll never stop learning. Traveling and working in a variety of places makes the work much more interesting and stimulating.

Featured video captures the wedding we've done together at Villa Medicea Di Lilliano in Tuscany.


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