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Faces of Italy: Ivan Rubino, Photographer and Drone Operator, Capri

Capri is arguably one of the most beautiful places in the world. The unique natural beauty of sea and land, flowering gardens and architecture make it incredibly beautiful. But there are also people who live there and help its endless visitors discover and share the beauty and treasures of their island.

Ivan Rubino is a photographer and drone operator who lives and works out of Capri. He was born and grew up in Anacapri, the upper and less populated part of the island. When I visited Capri, I wanted to meet him before the photoshoot we would be doing together and suggested a meeting in my hotel's lobby. Instead, he offered to show me a few areas in Anacapri, and I enjoyed a fantastic ride with him on a scooter, after which we hiked to the top of the island to see incredible, breathtaking views.

Ivan, why did you become a photographer?

- I've always been passionate about photography, I enjoyed taking pictures around everything that intrigued me, and I mainly love landscape photos. Fortunately, for some years now, this passion of mine has also become my profession.

How did it start?

- It all started with my passion for modeling. I built my first drone ten years ago, on which I mounted a camera; this made my two passions, modeling and photography, fit together in one thing. I was lucky that Umberto D'Aniello, an expert island photographer, saw my shots and offered me to accompany him on his various photoshoots. From that moment on, my journey began.

What is most important to you when working with a client?

- Among the fundamental things that I ask customers when I shoot is collaboration to achieve a great final product together, but this can only happen if they have fun. Only this way can I capture the moment they are experiencing as unique and authentic. Every time I work with the drone, people are fascinated, and I therefore immediately have their attention. While for photography, I mainly try to have people transmit emotions to me to grasp every moment and make the essence of that moment resurface every time they look at that photo.

Do you have a favorite style?

- I put together all my past and acquired experience in every photo I take and try to adapt it to the client's requests. What unites them is that you have to seize the perfect moment to create a final result that can excite you.

You do both photography and videography. What is the main difference?

- Photography is a moment; video is a union of moments. What unites them is that we must try to seize the perfect moment to create a final result that can excite.

Who is your ideal client?

- My ideal client is the one who builds a path together with me and who leaves room for my creativity. Together we create a project, study it, and choose the details, but he/she must still let me express myself without setting limits.

I decided I wanted to be Ivan's ideal client, and we planned together a photo session for my daughter and me in Capri. We met at the beautiful Villa Lysis, surrounded by a lush Mediterranean garden, and Ivan took a series of amazing photos. Indeed, we all had a lot of fun! We then walked toward the Natural Arch – another beauty staple in Capri – and took some pictures there.

Villa Lysis. Dresses by Theodora Positano. Sun glasses by CimminoLab, Ottico Cimmino.

Dina is posing for Ivan, sporting sunglasses by Cimmino Lab.

While at the villa, we visited an exhibition of paintings of Capri, made by Ivan's talented uncle, Sergio Rubino. It was called "Capri Caput Mundi" – “Capri – the capital of the world.” We saw a series of impressive paintings representing different moments in the history of Capri, beginning with the time when Roman emperors lived and governed from here. Back in the US, I searched for information about Ivan's uncle as I was so impressed by his work, and I realized that he had just recently passed away. Sergio was a famous artist, and his impressive ceramic benches are installed not only in Capri but in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Some of his works are on display at the Metropolitan Museum in NYC.

It was an enjoyable, exciting day, an opportunity to talk about life and our experiences, about the year of isolation due to the pandemic and current brighter plans, about collaboration and our passion for what we do.

We also talked with Ivan about the people of Capri and how talented they are. I am planning to meet some of them and learn about their unique artisanal crafts. We talked, of course, about the food, which is fantastic here! Ivan said his mother is a great cook, and hopefully, next time in Anacapri, I will visit Ivan's mamma and try some of her home cooking!

Photo & Drone Video: Ivan Rubino

Sunglasses: Cimmino Lab; Dresses: Theodora Positano; Models: Luba & Dina, Primavera Dreams


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