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Groom's Wedding Attire Trends According to Cad & The Dandy Bespoke Atelier

Sometimes, we discover sources of inspiration and innovation, as well as their creators, on social media platforms such as Instagram.

This is how I was approached by Cad & the Dandy, a bespoke men’s attire creator boutique that has expanded from the famous Savile Row in London to New York and beyond in the US.

Through our fruitful relationship, many of my clients have sported their stylish tuxedos and suits, my husband included.

Having a stylist's expert advice can elevate the tuxedo shopping experience and help a groom refine his style to achieve truly elegant results.

I recently spoke with Steve Knorsch, one of the top Cad & the Dandy stylists, and asked him to share some advice for my couples in their quest for wedding day sophistication and style.

Please introduce us to your business. Cad & The Dandy was founded by Ian Meiers and James Sleater in 2008 and is the youngest tailoring house on Savile Row in London. They have a modern approach to tailoring with uncompromising attention to style and craft that has garnered a loyal following. Since 2018 there is also a New York location – The Penthouse - showcasing the fine quality, bespoke, British tailoring that every man desires for one of the most important days of his life.

We know that wedding attire for grooms is usually classified by type (white tie, black tie, suit, etc.) and color. Can you comment on this? Are there any other details often overlooked by the clients?

There are very specific rules with formalwear based on time of year, time of day, and occasion. That said, many of these rules went out the window in the last few years as couples have sought to redefine weddings and etiquette to suit today’s needs and desires. A dark suit in blue or gray is always appropriate for a daytime wedding or even an evening event with a more casual tone. Paired with a solid shirt and tie, a dark suit will always be appropriate for a semi-casual affair.

For a more formal daytime affair (anytime from 10:00 am till 6:00 pm the traditional option would be a "Morning Suit." Seen more in the UK and Europe than in the US, it has gained footing in America in recent years.

After 6:00 pm, "Black Tie" is the choice. A black or midnight blue tuxedo is the hands-down favorite for a formal evening ceremony and celebration.

The MOST formal choice for evening only would be "White Tie,” also referred to as "White Tie and Tails."

What are the hot trends for 2023 and beyond?

Definitely, a return to classic styles. From more morning suits to beautifully proportioned tuxedos with fuller-cut trousers and wider lapels. Even more white-tie grooms, which was almost unheard of a decade ago. Also, the trend of brides changing from a “ceremony dress” to a “reception dress” is now being incorporated by grooms as well, with the guys changing from a traditional black-tie tuxedo for the ceremony to an ivory dinner jacket or velvet smoking jacket (depending on the season) for the reception.

What assistance or services would a groom receive at your atelier? How many grooms know what they want when they walk in?

Most grooms have SOME idea of what they want when they arrive for the initial consultation, as they have already planned many aspects of the wedding. There can, however, be some evolution as we get into discussing the events in more detail and how they want to look. We offer grooms a complete service with 3 to 4 fittings in our elegant Penthouse. We offer cocktails from our extensive bar and try to make the overall experience at each visit as pleasant as possible.

We are also happy to accommodate grooms and their groomsmen for their outfits as well, and brides are always welcome. We help them conceive and execute the entire outfit, from the suit to the shirt and accessories, such as ties, bowties, stud sets and cufflinks, cummerbunds, and pocket squares. We also assist them with places to find proper footwear.

What is a typical lead time for the orders? Where are they made?

For the average order, the timeline is 8 to 10 weeks from initial consultation to delivery. Keep in mind, with weddings, we like to have the order delivered at least one month in advance whenever possible.

All bespoke orders are processed through our Savile Row in London, where our pattern makers and cutters are located. All final alteration work is done onsite in New York at The Penthouse.

Many of my couples are planning their destination weddings in Italy. Often, it includes 2-3 days of celebrations. What advice can you give them?

We always inquire as to the celebrations that are happening around the actual wedding day such as welcome cocktails, rehearsal dinners, wedding brunches, and other events. We assist grooms with both, casual and formal, attire for all these types of events associated with the wedding. It’s always great to coordinate all your attire at once and make sure that everything fits beautifully.

What are your main recommendations for newly engaged couples starting their wedding planning/ attire shopping?

It’s never too early to start shopping around. Allow plenty of time, especially if you are commissioning a bespoke ensemble. Collect images of things you like. It’s always a great starting point when designing your outfit. Have a clear idea of how YOU want to look and feel on the Big Day!

Photo credits:

Cad & The Dandy store photo: Zeph Colombatto

Steve's portrait: Mitchell Vito

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