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"Planning an important event is a challenge. To make it both successful and memorable is art. Luckily, there are people who have the innate ability to put all the pieces of the event mosaic together so that the end result exceeds everyone’s expectations. Luba Gankin is one of those rare finds." - from a client's testimonial.

Wedding Planning Packages

 At Primavera Dreams, we aim to create a unique and memorable event for every couple, so the pricing may vary, as there is no cookie-cutter scenario. We offer three types of Wedding Packages and À-la-carte services for weddings in the greater Boston area, fully customizable to reflect each couple's needs:

1. Full-Service Wedding Planning

2. Partial Wedding Planning

3. Wedding Day Management Service (subject to availability)

4. À-la-carte Services

Full-Service Wedding Planning Highlights

  • Stress-Free Planning: Dive into the joy of your engagement without the overwhelm.

  • Expert Guidance: Consider us your personal architect for love's grand celebration.

  • Comprehensive Support:

    • Venue selection tailored to your dream setting.

    • Personalized style design to reflect your unique love story.

    • Budget management to ensure value and quality.

    • Curating a dream team of event professionals.

    • Elegant invitation and stationery selection.

    • Detailed day-of coordination ensuring a seamless experience.

  • Etiquette Expertise: Navigate the intricacies of wedding etiquette with confidence and grace.

  • Entertainment Extravaganza: From live bands to immersive experiences, discover entertainment options that resonate with your vision.

  • Your Vision, Amplified: While you remain at the helm of decision-making, we handle the intricate details, ensuring your vision shines through effortlessly.

  • Enjoy Every Moment: Experience the journey of wedding planning while balancing your regular commitments.

  • Italy's Charm Awaits: Exclusive Full-Service planning for weddings in Italy.

  • Dive into the allure of Italian romance. Please inquire for more details.

Elevate your wedding journey. Let's craft memories that last a lifetime. Get in touch today!

Partial Wedding Planning

Congratulations on taking the initial steps in planning your wedding! Securing the perfect venue and engaging essential event professionals are commendable milestones. However, as you immerse yourself deeper, the vastness of the task ahead might feel daunting.

Have you found yourself lost amidst countless Pinterest inspirations, pondering how to weave them into a harmonious tapestry for your special day? If such concerns resonate with you, consider the invaluable assistance of a professional wedding planner.

The Essence of Expertise:

  • Guided Insight: Benefit from seasoned advice to navigate potential challenges and avoid common pitfalls.

  • Reputable Recommendations: Gain access to a curated list of trusted vendors, ensuring the finest quality for your celebration.

  • Design Cohesion: Transform your vision into reality with expert design feedback and cohesive planning.

  • Timely Oversight: Stay on track with meticulous planning, ensuring every detail aligns seamlessly.

Our pricing structure is tailored to reflect variables such as guest count and logistical nuances.

Embark on this beautiful journey with confidence and grace. Reach out to explore how we can make your wedding dreams come alive. Inquire for more details.

Wedding Day Management Service (subject to availability)
Typical price range $2500 – 3500

Imagine waking up on your wedding day, completely at ease, knowing every detail is taken care of. With our Month-Of Wedding Management, we've fine-tuned schedules, coordinated with your venue and professionals, and ensured everything runs seamlessly. All that's left for you? To bask in each magical moment. Reach out to see how we can craft this ease for your celebration.

Starting at $2,500, varying with guest count and venue specifics.

À La Carte Planning Services* 


  • RSVP Management

  • Guest Welcome Bags 

  • Attire Shopping & Fashion Consulting 

  • Hourly Concierge Assistance 

  • Invitation Assembly, Stamping, and Mailing

  • Party & Social Event Planning

  • Transportation logistics

*Pricing for each à la carte service is custom quoted based on your specific needs.


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