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Styled Shoot at Larz Anderson Auto Museum and Park

In line with the trend of creating a unique wedding, more and more couples reject standard hotel offerings and opt for unusual places, such as museums.

Among Boston's many museums, the Larz Anderson Auto Museum definitely stands out.

Even if you aren't a car aficionado, it is unlikely that you will be indifferent to the beautiful vintage models of the oldest American cars and to the story of their prominent owners.

The place is beautiful, different and surrounded by the charming grounds of the Larz Anderson Park.

At one point in time, it belonged to one of the richest couples in America

of the first half of the 20th century: the Anderson Family. Larz Anderson was a wealthy American diplomat and Isabel was a Boston heiress, a descendant from the Boston Brahmin families of Welds and Perkins. They met in Rome, when Isabel traveled the world on a Grand Tour.

The Andersons were married on June 10, 1897: 120 years prior to our wedding shootJ. The ceremony was conducted in Boston’s famous Arlington Street Church. Isabel attended this Church as a child, and it welcomed her again as a bride, alongside the 300 people invited to the ceremony.

The beautiful wedding dress Isabel wore is now displayed in the museum:

But why is this museum an auto museum? Although the main mansion of this prominent family doesn’t exist anymore, the carriage house, resembling a small castle, remains. And it is filled with cars! As a matter of fact, cars were one of the couple’s greatest passions: Larz and Isabel purchased a new model almost every year. Among their collection there is an 1905 Electromobile, which was a precursor to Tesla.

We chose this museum for our styled wedding shoot for its originality and beauty, and the surrounding grounds for its lavish greenery.

I particularly love the fact that the Andersons were in love with Italy: Larz worked there, it's where they met one other, and thus had many connections with this country. One can read more here: “Larz and Isabel Anderson” by Stephen T. Moskey.

While not as famous (yet !), the bride and groom in our photoshoot are young, charming and absolutely gorgeous! The couple has recently married and our photographer was able to catch their powerful chemistry and love for one other.

Credits: Venue - Larz Anderson Auto Museum; Photographer - Edward Stonkevich; Make-up Artist - Tamara Litvin; Hair Styling - Antoine Boukheir, Fineline Salon, Newton, MA; Flowers - Marina Kole, Florissima;

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