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How to Find a Great Wedding Planner for Your Wedding: Unveiling the Magic

Helping with the veil

Embarking on planning a local or destination wedding is undoubtedly an exciting adventure, filled with dreams of picturesque settings and unforgettable moments. While the allure of creating a gorgeous celebration is undeniable, the complexities of organizing a crucial multi-faceted event can be overwhelming.

Most people are getting married just once and need help to estimate the amount of work it takes today to plan a successful wedding, especially a multi-day event.

Primavera Dreams at work
Adjusting the dress

My analogy is with the hidden object games: the more you engage in the process, the more complexity you discover. Will it be an exciting adventure or a stressful, time-consuming process? It greatly depends on those who help you professionally.

Primavera Dreams at work
Attaching the boutonnière

This is where the invaluable assistance of a professional wedding planner comes into play, transforming your wedding into a seamless and almost stress-free experience. I say "almost" because stress is a part of human nature. While a bit of stress is natural, a growing sense of being overwhelmed and constantly stressed can ruin the pleasure of the planning and even the wedding itself.

On a wedding day, a planner is always on the go. We rarely have time to pose for pictures; we have other things on our minds. We just completed our collaboration with our couples, helping them prepare for their big day, and we need to ensure that this grand finale goes without a hitch. We want our couples to concentrate on each other and their guests and live this day to the fullest.

Primavera Dreams at work
Walking down the street

Planning a wedding usually takes 12 - 24 months. Over these 1-2 years of planning together with my clients, I act not only as a planner/designer/organizer but quite often as a psychologist. I talk to and reassure Type A brides, Type B brides, hands-on and hands-off grooms, and occasionally their parents, and I create quite a close relationship with many.

Once the wedding is over, I stay in touch with most of my couples. I see their families grow, their professional paths progress, their locations change and their dreams realized, and it gives me the feeling of belonging and fills my heart with love.

This means that both sides made the right decision to work together at the time.

Primavera Dreams at work
Relaxing after the ceremony

But how do you find the great planner, the right one, the good one, the trusted one, the one who makes your money paid for the planning services indeed worth it? Here are some tips and tricks!

Primavera Dreams at work
A true bond

Research and Recommendations:

Start by conducting thorough research. Look for wedding planners specializing in your desired location and read reviews or testimonials from previous clients. Personal recommendations from friends, family, or other vendors in the wedding industry can also be valuable. We can't overestimate the "word of mouse".

Primavera Dreams at work
With my couple in Tuscany

Check Portfolios:

Review the portfolios, IG accounts, or galleries of weddings that the planner has previously organized. This will give you an insight into their style, creativity, and ability to bring diverse visions to life. Ensure that their previous work aligns with your aesthetic preferences.

Primavera Dreams at work
A Tuscan castle. The reception

Primavera Dreams at work
Let's celebrate! Boston, MOS

Primavera Dreams at work
The reception gallery is ready! Florence, Italy

Primavera Dreams at work
Villa Cimbrone, Ravello, Italy. Wedding reception

Credentials and Experience:

Verify the planner's credentials and experience in the wedding industry. Certifications from reputable organizations, participation in professional conferences, blogging, and publications indicate a level of professionalism and commitment to the craft.

Primavera Dreams at the conference
Enagage! Summit Conference, Boca Raton, FL

Meet in Person:

Schedule face-to-face meetings or virtual consultations with potential wedding planners. Personal chemistry is essential, and meeting in person allows you to assess their communication style, enthusiasm, and whether they understand and align with your vision.

Ask for References:

Request references from past clients. Speaking with couples who have worked with the wedding planner can provide insights into their working style, responsiveness, and overall satisfaction with the services provided.

Primavera Dreams at work
With my couples in Monterigigoni, Tuscany.

Primavera Dreams at work
With my couple at Lake Maggiore, Italy

Primavera Dreams at work
Helping with the bowtie.

Clear Communication:

A good wedding planner should be an excellent communicator. They should be responsive to your emails and calls, listen to your ideas, and articulate their own thoughts clearly. Effective communication is key to a successful planning process. Ask about their working protocol.

Budget Transparency:

Ensure the wedding planner is transparent about their fees and additional costs. A reputable planner will be upfront about their pricing structure, helping you understand how their services fit into your overall budget.

Primavera Dreams at work
Helping to bustle the dress.

Vendor Relationships:

Inquire about the planner's relationships with local vendors. A well-connected wedding planner often has established partnerships with reliable and talented vendors, ensuring a smoother planning process and potentially saving you time and money.

Primavera Dreams at work
Venice, Italy.

Flexibility and Problem-Solving Skills:

Weddings can be unpredictable, and a good wedding planner should be adaptable and possess strong problem-solving skills. Inquire about how they handle unexpected challenges and ensure they have contingency plans in place.

Primavera Dreams at work
Last-minute steaming. Florence, Italy

Primavera Dreams at work
We need the perfect pictures! Villa Cimbrone, Ravello, Italy

Trust Your Instincts:

Ultimately, trust your instincts when choosing a wedding planner. If you feel a connection with them and are confident in their abilities, it's a positive sign that they may be the right fit for bringing your wedding vision to life.

By carefully considering these factors and finding a wedding planner who aligns with your vision and values, you increase the likelihood of having a stress-free and memorable wedding day.

And remember: In the end, you are paying not only for services but for the person you will work and communicate with for one to two years!

Primavera Dreams at work
With my couple at Turner Hill Mansion, Ipswich, MA

Turner Hill Mansion, Ipswich, MA
With my couple in Greve, Tuscany

At today's weddings, a skilled wedding planner orchestrates a harmonious celebration. Their expertise, local knowledge, and dedication to turning your dreams into reality make them indispensable on your journey to saying "I do." Consider it an investment in your wedding and a truly magical experience that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Turner Hill Mansion, Ipswich, MA
With my couple in Wellesley, MA

Turner Hill Mansion, Ipswich, MA
Wedding in Apulia, Italy. With my bride.

Turner Hill Mansion, Ipswich, MA
Five minutes break:)


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