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Destination Wedding in Italy: Ravello, Amalfi Coast

Honestly, it's hard to imagine anything more remarkable than a destination wedding or any other kind of celebration in Italy!

Just contemplate: you take a few days off and invite your family and friends to celebrate an important and joyous event in a beautiful place away from endless daily worries.

Time becomes nonlinear, and the holiday lasts and lasts. But in actual fact, it lasts for a few days and all of which these days are filled with interesting and exciting activities.

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I noticed that every time I think about Italy, I am bursting with energy and in a good mood as if Italy is sharing some of its sunshine with me and feeding me with a positive stream of thoughts.

I can walk all day while thinking of and planning an event in Italy, with its (often complex) logistics, which require the consideration of many options, and all this pleases me. How challenging it is to choose the best solution! Yes, it is difficult: there is so much to choose from, and everything is beautiful and unique in its own way.

In fact, there are some places where it is difficult to choose because everything is somehow equally boring ... But it's not in Italy!

Recently two sets of lovebirds - not without my help - had their weddings in Italy. One was in Ravello, one of the most beautiful places on the Amalfi Coast.

The second was in Tuscany in a magnificent castle.

I will tell you today about the wedding in Ravello, especially since there are now wonderful photos by the talented photographer Gianni Di Natale.

Many couples who decide to celebrate their wedding in Italy have traveled to Italy before, together or separately, and these trips left happy, bright, and cheerful memories. And this is how we would like later to remember our wedding as well, or the wedding of our relatives and friends! Maybe that's why Italy is so attractive.

Our couple had been on vacation in Ravello and fell in love with this fabulous place. I understand them perfectly!

And they decided to bring their families there and celebrate their wedding with an intimate circle of loved ones. But when their friends found out about it, they said: why without us? We also want to come and celebrate your special day with you! We are willing to come however we can! And the number of guests grew to 50 people!

Even their rabbi happily agreed to fly from San Francisco.

As a result, a wonderful celebration was planned and created for everyone, and it lasted for several days.

On the first evening, all guests gathered for cocktails at the villa, which the couple rented for themselves and their close relatives. The cocktail party lasted almost until morning. In the morning, everyone was invited aboard a sailing schooner and spent the whole day exploring the beauty of the Amalfi coast from the sea, drinking Prosecco and eating local delicacies.

After, the crowd went to explore Amalfi.

The next day was a trip to Positano. And then the buses came and took everyone to the rehearsal diner, where the ketubah (the wedding certificate) was signed.

The dinner was in the picturesque gourmet restaurant Faro di Capo D’Orso in Maiori. There was first an aperitif on the open terrace with appetizers, cocktails, Prosecco, and wine. Everyone enjoyed the gardens with a magnificent view of the sea, rocks, roses, and fragrant lemon trees.

Talented local musicians – a guitarist and a mandolinist - played music for guests in different genres: among those, of course, fabulous Neapolitan melodies.

With the sunset, the ketubah was signed and everyone went to their hotels to rest before a big event the following day.

The bride and groom went to Ravello - to the amazing Hotel Belmond Caruso, where the next day was their magical wedding. Nothing would describe it better than these photos by Gianni:

The First Look

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Photo Credits: Wedding photos by Gianni Di Natale; Faro Capo D'Orso by Davide Ricciardiello and Andrea Di Lorenzo; El Pirata Boat by the wedding guests and El Pirata Team.

Wedding Planner: Primavera Dreams

Wedding Venue: Hotel Belmond Caruso

Floral Design: Armando Malafronte

Dress: Pronovias

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