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You are Engaged. Now What?

With the engagement season entering its peak around Christmas, we start getting more and more inquiries from the newly engaged couples.

Approximately 20% of all marriage proposals are happening in December.

Soon after – and sometimes the next day – or even before! -the couples start thinking about wedding planning, which could be quite overwhelming.

How many guests to invite? What type of venue to pick? What time of the year? What is our budget?

These are just a few of the many questions they start asking.

Dear couples, here are the seven most important things to discuss when starting your wedding planning process:

1. What is your estimated number of guests?

It helps define what venue you should be searching for and also your budget.

2. What is your ideal venue for the ceremony and reception?

While churches, ballrooms, and country clubs were almost the only choice in the US just a few years ago, today’s couples face many options, including barns, farms, museums, libraries, rooftops, and even parking garages! While wholly original and also unique, these options are coming with some limitations or restrictions, and it is essential to understand it from the very beginning.

3. What is your overall budget?

Most couples don’t know how expensive weddings are and underestimate their expenses.

4. What are three things, which are the most important for you to have at your wedding?

I suggest each of you create a list of 10 items and prioritize them, then compare and negotiate. It will help you to focus and to allocate your money better.

5. What time of the year would you see as the most suitable for your wedding?

In the US, the most popular months now are September and October. In Italy are May, June, and September. As a result, some of the venues you would consider ideal for you could be booked well in advance. If you have flexibility, it will undoubtedly help.

6. Who is paying for your wedding?

If parents are taking a significant part, you should be prepared that they also have a say and be ready for their suggestions or requests.

7. Do you need a wedding planner to help you go through this process? Most modern couples underestimate how much time wedding planning may take. Most of my couples are active adults, working or studying full time, loving travel, and continuously involved in multiple activities. Adding literally hundreds of hours of planning to their schedule is a substantial and often stressful load. A professional planner will save you time, streamline the planning process, make it exciting. A wedding planner is always by your side, advocating on your behalf. He/she will reduce your stress and worries, and quite often save money by offering professional discounts or suggesting the right vendors.

Happy planning! Let it be a joyful and pleasant adventure!

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