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Meet Diego Taroni, a Destination Wedding Photographer in Italy

Welcome to my series of interview-based blogs spotlighting some of my favorite vendors.

They are talented, creative, responsive, and responsible: a pleasure to work with!

This post is dedicated to Diego Taroni of Photo 27 - a Milan-based company specializing in wedding photography and videography in Italy and worldwide.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself!

I used to work as a bank manager, but I dreamt of doing something else;

an endeavor that was completely mine, which reflected who I am and would leave a lasting impression on people.

Then, I met a photographer and we immediately started working together. She recognized my talent and encouraged me to pursue a new path as a photographer! And, since that moment, I haven’t stopped learning and perfecting my craft, and I know I'll never stop!

2. Why did you decide to specialize in weddings?

After I realized that photography was my true passion, my mentor’s encouragement inspired me to venture into the realm of wedding photography.

3. Do you have a preferred style? What is it?

I prefer the natural and spontaneous style, but—ironically-- during a fast-paced wedding day, these moments have to be created. It is important to dedicate time to carefully and thoughtfully capture images which will be kept as a precious treasure and beautiful memory.

4. What is important to you when working with a client?

For me, the most important thing is to understand who my couples are, to connect with them, and get to know them. Interacting with the couples is one of my favorite parts of the process, for this is how I come to truly understand how to capture the essence of their special day, one that is unique.

The photos of which I am most proud are the ones that are the most emotive, the ones which hold within them that inexplicable, eternal quality of love that emanates throughout the wedding day.

5. Who is your ideal client?

My ideal clients are my brides. They have to be knowledgeable about what they want; they have to have a desire to be celebrated by a great photographer. Besides, they are real experts of images. It means we understand each other.

6. What was the most unusual wedding you have ever photographed?

I have photographed in many different places. One wedding in particular which I remember vividly was that in Sapporo, Japan—the couple got married in a stunning temple.

7. What is your preferred area in Italy for weddings, and why?

I cannot say that I have a preferred area in Italy for weddings, because every region has a multitude of enchanting locations, different in characteristics but equally exciting.

What is important is the uniqueness of each couple, which I convey via my work.

8. How early on in the wedding planning process should couples secure your services?

I am so glad you asked this question!

It’s important to note that our team consists of 12 professional operators, and we offer both photo and video services.

Therefore, we are able to cover multiple events in one day; we have the capacity for up to three weddings in one day, which is rare for vendors in Italy.

While there is always that chance that I may be available on short notice, I recommend that-- If couples want to work with me in a more direct capacity-- they should try to retain my services at least 12/18 months in advance of their wedding date.

Photo credits: Diego Taroni at Photo27

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