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Destination Weddings in Italy: Castello Di Montegalda

One of the essential elements of wedding planning is the venue!

The venue search can be a significant stressor for couples, especially if they desire to plan a destination wedding. Thankfully, when it comes to Italy, it is nearly impossible to go wrong if you work with the proper professionals!

Italy's venue inventory is impressive, and while this can make the search even more exciting, it is also quite overwhelming; couples who secure professional services when looking for a location have a completely different wedding planning experience and can truly enjoy the best of what La Dolce Vita has to offer, without spending any time unnecessarily.

My post today is dedicated to my dear friend and fellow wedding planner: Diana Da Ros, who is the only agent in all of Italy with access to one of the most coveted wedding venues, Castello di Montegalda (The Castle of Montegalda), located in the northern part of Italy, within an easy reach from Venice, Verona, Vicenza, and Padua.

Diana, please tell us the story of this ancient castle!

Castello di Montegalda was built in the 12th century and witnessed multiple transformations over the ages. Montegalda is in the heart of the Veneto region, is a place full of history that has welcomed Doges and Popes, Princes and Rulers, Princesses and Queens within its walls.

The castle's current owners are the Sorlini family, who bought it in the mid-70s and, through a meticulous restoration process, brought the castle back to its former glory.

Castello di Montegalda holds receptions, private and corporate parties all year round, and is the perfect setting for your special event. Symbolic and legally valid civil wedding ceremonies, as well as religious weddings in the delightful internal church, are celebrated here.

Diana, you recently became the exclusive event planner for the castle, Brava!

Thank you-- I was elated when the Sorlini family granted me sole and exclusive access to the castle as an entertainment venue! I met Cinzia Sorlini, the owner of the castle, in the summer of 2020. Cinzia is a strong and courageous woman, great entrepreneur, art historian, passionate about History, Beauty, Art, Culture. We immediately felt creative chemistry and mutual respect, which swiftly led to a lasting friendship.

Please elaborate on what services are offered at the castle.

At the Castello di Montegalda, it is possible to celebrate civil, religious, and symbolic weddings as well as all kinds of celebrations, receptions, corporate and private parties, photoshoots for fashion/advertising and cinema, concerts, and special events. The exclusive catering is done by Chef Fausto Zanardelli. His thirty years of experience in the national and international banqueting sector guarantees excellence for any type of menu.

How many guests can the castle accommodate, and what is its reception capacity?

The spaces of the castle are vast and versatile.

The exterior boasts a lovely park, and the wonderful Italian garden in front of the castle has enough reception space for up to 500 people. The internal courtyard can accommodate 180/200 guests, and the frescoed interior rooms' capacity is 60-90 guests.

In the tower of the castle, there is a dedicated honeymoon suite with gorgeous views of the park, as well as 6 more double rooms to accommodate some of the couple's guests.

Destination weddings are usually multi-day events. What are the other things to do in the area?

The castle’s proximity to Vicenza, Venice, and Verona makes it an extremely convenient venue. Clients may organize daily excursions for their guests, and take in some of the beauty of Italian culture, such as guided museum visits and expertly curated food and wine tours.

Our team has a trusted network of local guides and access to all of the most coveted attractions, and is always available to help clients create an unforgettable itinerary for their wedding experience!

What is the best time of year to celebrate in the castle?

While the marvelous gardens bloom throughout April until the end of September, making these the most popular months, every guest can feel warm and comfortable, even in the coldest months thanks to the castle's modern amenities and access to many tenting options!

Indeed, regardless of the season, this enchanting magic always shines through.

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