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Ten Tips on How to Find a Wedding Planner who is Right for You

With the uncertainty of the last two years’ pandemic on the one hand and the unprecedented desire to get married no matter what on the other hand, it has become clear that having a professional planner by your side is a must.

Wedding planners have become an essential part of the tricky process of creating, despite all the challenges, a seamless and happy event.

Every day, I get inquiries from couples who desperately need guidance and reassurance.

It is crucial to find the right person who understands your priorities and fits your “job description” and budget.

Here are a few tips I would like to give you in your wedding planner search:

1. Start early on. Unless you already have the venue of your dreams secured, start by finding the right planner. He/she will be the person who will speed up the venue research process and make it more efficient. The planner will help to find all other vendors and help you with a multitude of other tasks as well, streamlining the planning process and making it exciting.

2. Create a list of a few planners who seem to be a good match. Google them and check their ads on wedding portals, i.e., etc. Explore their websites, read the About section.

3. If you are looking for niche planners, such as Destination wedding planners, Indian, Jewish, etc. weddings, run a Google search with specific words (the more specific, the better) and look for specific websites. For example, for Jewish (and Jew-ish) weddings or for Indian weddings. Checking these sites can give you a lot of valuable and practical information, important for your vision and an understanding of the wedding process in general, and help to find the planner specializing in specific types of celebrations.

4. Read the reviews on Google, The Knot, etc. written by the couples who used these planners in the past. It provides an honest and often detailed account of their experience.

5. Check Instagram accounts of the planners you like to see if their style corresponds to yours. While professional planners could accommodate a range of styles and visions, their Instagram usually shows what they love in terms of design, settings, and general aesthetics.

6. Get in touch with select planners to check their availability and then schedule a Zoom call. Popular planners are booked fast, and we are now already talking about 2023 and 2024.

7. Prepare for the interview. What questions do you want to ask a planner? What is important to you when working with a planner? What communication style do you prefer? Some couples prefer a more formal approach, while others favor a warmer, more intimate way of communication. Some write emails while other use texts. Try to ask yourself and your fiancé: how busy are we and how ready are we to plan our wedding? What type of help do we need? Do we need full-service help or limited guidance? Do we just need a “month of” coordinator?

8. Make sure you are ready to answer questions about your budget. Don’t be intimidated by these questions. Many couples underestimate wedding costs, and it is essential to have realistic expectations. A professional planner will tell you right away if your budget seems realistic for your vision and the number of guests.

9. Ask questions about the planner’s idea of a venue, which may work for you, or seek some other advice. A knowledgeable planner will not hesitate to share a few tips with you without signing the contract. Because they care about couples, understand how challenging it is to plan a wedding, and are generous to give some freebies. In the end, they know tons of information, so why don’t they share a bit?

10. Don’t hesitate to ask a planner about the fee they will charge. To give you an accurate answer, a planner needs to understand the scope of work. But after having an initial conversation with you, a planner should be able to give a price range of the fee and explain where these charges are coming from.

Most couples (and planners alike) immediately feel that there is a good fit between the planner and them. It is important to feel that you like your planner, that you trust this person and her/his judgment, and that you feel more comfortable planning your celebration with the help of this person than alone.

Happy Planning!

Featured planners: Luba Gankin (Primavera Dreams Weddings) and Diana Da Ros (Diana Da Ros Weddings)

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