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Talented New England Wedding Floral Designer Shares her Tips and Tricks

Welcome to my series of interview-based blogs spotlighting some of my favorite vendors.

They are talented, creative, responsive, and responsible: a pleasure to work with!

This post is dedicated to Kseniya Khromina, Russian-born Boston-based floral designer specializing in weddings.

Please introduce yourself and your company.

My name is Kseniya, and I am the owner and lead floral designer at Floristika Studio.

We provide floral and event design services in New England.

How and when did you get started in the floral industry and how you got to where you are today?

I’ve always been into crafting and making hand-made decorations, could spend hours staring at professionals wrapping presents at special gift stations in big shopping centers. One day I met a friend who just started her small floral business, and her bridal bouquets blew my mind every time she showed the photos! I’ve never seen flowers like that, didn’t know their names.. but the final product always looked so magnificent that I decided to try it myself. My first school was Rittners in Boston and shortly after finishing the course there, I was lucky to get a job at a small flower shop in Newton.

Working there for 3,5 years was one of the best and most vibrant times of my florist’s life, - everything felt so new and exciting, and.. sometimes very scary (e.g. taking first phone orders=) - it was a priceless experience!

I started exploring well-known floral designers around the world, fell in love with the European style, and enrolled in a floral design school Nicole in Moscow, specializing in that style and providing a more fundamental approach to floral design and art study. I’m very grateful for having a chance to be a part of the professional community of incredible teachers, European masters of floristics, and all the talented students at Nicole. I kept working in the flower shop, taking sessions at Nicole, and started exploring local event studios to get new experience in wedding florals. I freelanced for studios and started taking small wedding orders by myself as Floristika Studio LLC in 2015. Working for other studios really helped to understand local wedding industry processes and standards from the inside, - we delivered and set up weddings across the state, learned about venue policies, timeline standards, and many other aspects. Meeting new friends and colleagues was another important part of getting into the community. Our first fully-booked wedding season happened in 2018, at that time I almost stopped freelancing and concentrated on developing my own business.

Do you have a preferred style? What it is?

We work with different styles, from classics to boho, applying current wedding industry trends. We like experimenting with styles, adding new colors, and exploring materials too, it helps to be open to new ideas and keep the design process creative and interesting.

What are the main wedding-related floral design trends today from your perspective?

Modern couples have the freedom to really express themselves making their celebration more about who they are rather than following traditional guidelines and rules. They are looking for interesting color and material combinations, unique installations and structures, personalized details reflecting their life experiences and character. They definitely ask more questions about materials and our sources, about options maximizing floral decor use to avoid unnecessary waste.

Natural shapes, boho elements, garden-style florals, and greenery are still going strong. Dry materials and grasses are certainly on their rise: pampas grass, bunny tails, dry palm leaves, etc, - there are perfect textural elements for trendy boho and garden style weddings.

What is important to you when working with a client?

Relationship between client and vendor most importantly should be built on mutual respect. As vendors, we should listen to clients, understand their priorities and needs, be responsive and helpful. Clients at the same time should feel comfortable when choosing and working with their vendors, trust their expertise, and professional vision.

What sets you apart from the competition?

We have a strong belief in education and constantly enhancing our professional skills. We apply extensive knowledge of floristics, advanced techniques, and creative vision, maintain high standards of floral design and take full, professional and aesthetic, responsibility for our work.

Where in New England do you offer your services?

We work in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island and happy to travel further for the right event.

Any advice to give to the couple who are starting their wedding planning?

Hire a great planner and build the best team of vendors who care and listen to your vision. Listen to yourself, be open to recommendations from your planner and vendors, and find excitement in the planning process!

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